Wholesale Merchandise Distributors

LiquidacionUSA.com, Inc. was founded on July 5, 2004 as a company specializing in the wholesale and distribution of products.

We distribute to all Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia from the United States.

Our processes, from purchase to shipment are safe, fast and with the highest quality standards, thus ensuring merchandise in perfect condition and ready to be put into your business.

Verification of Corporations with the State of Florida.

This year we changed our corporate structure to expand our services.

In the following internet links you can verify the current data of our company.

References from Auditors for businesses in the United States.

Our company is backed by the Better Business Bureau. Our rating is the best A+. This rating is given to companies in the U.S. for reliability, honesty and all positive operational references.

You can confirm by visiting the following link.

Perfil de accredited business